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How to make learning effective?

Utilise Best Practices

We cannot continue learning the old way and still expect outstanding results.

Support Staff Aspirations

Only motivated learners will readily absorb and implement new skills and knowledge.

Learners Take Ownership

Responsibility for learning is shifting towards learners. They need to be proactive and engaged.

Align With The Business

Learning must be squarely aligned with the business objectives and bring measurable outcomes.

Make It Enjoyable

If learning is enjoyable, engagement and application are guaranteed.

Relevant And Timely

Learning has to efficiently deliver relevant knowledge and skills at the time of need.

What are the benefits?

Upskill Staff

Ensure your workforce has the skills needed to drive your business forward.

Align Learning With Objectives

Learning is only effective when fully delivering on your objectives.

Resolve Challenges

Use learning to resolve specific issues (productivity, staff retention and others) or engage staff better to utilise their potential fully.

Productivity And Efficiency

Engaged and skilled staff will actively contribute, innovate and be efficient in their work.

Skills and experience

1. Establish L&D Teams/Departments

Expertise in building robust L&D teams and departments from inception, ensuring they are aligned with organisational goals and equipped to drive learning initiatives effectively.

2. Audit Learning Programs

Conduct comprehensive audits of L&D learning programs, evaluating strategy, content, design, and delivery to uphold high standards, deliver Return on Expectations (ROE), and maximise value for investment.

3. Innovative Learning

Introduce innovative learning methodologies to enhance knowledge transfer, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency, optimising organisational resources while maximising learning outcomes.

4. Cultivate Collaborative Teams

Cultivate supportive, collaborative, and efficient teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.

5. Align L&D Strategies With Business Goals

Develop L&D strategies that closely align with organisational objectives, addressing specific business challenges and driving sustainable growth.

6. Legacy Knowledge Management

Implement strategies to capture and retain institutional knowledge, ensuring smooth transitions as experienced staff members transition out of the organisation.

7. Deliver Wellbeing Programs

Introduce and deliver cost-effective well-being programs designed to enhance staff satisfaction, resilience, and overall wellness, ultimately boosting productivity.

8. Leadership Development

Craft and curate tailored learning programs to foster behavioural changes among leaders, equipping them with enhanced skills to understand, inspire, and lead their teams effectively.

9. Streamline Organisational Processes

Conduct comprehensive evaluations of organisational workflows, practices, and technological utilisation to pinpoint inefficiencies and streamline operations. Identifying bottlenecks and eliminating duplication pave the way for enhanced efficiency and resource optimisation.

10. Use Technology To Work Smarter

Leverage technology intelligently to automate repetitive tasks, optimise workflows, and unlock valuable resources that can be redirected towards other strategic areas, fostering innovation within the organisation.

About Me

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Alex Jovanovic, B.Ed., Assoc. CIPD, MASC
Learning and Development Business Consultant
NLP Life Skills Coach

My mission is to integrate Learning and Development seamlessly into every facet of business decision-making. I am dedicated to supporting organisations in formulating and executing contemporary, objective-driven L&D strategies, programs, and initiatives.

Boasting over 20 years of combined experience in the Information Technology and Learning and Development sectors, I have served as an IT Consultant and L&D Business Partner for several commercial organisations and held high-profile Learning and Development positions for several UK Government Civil Service departments.

My extensive knowledge, hands-on experience, passion for learning, and a profound understanding of organisational challenges position me uniquely. I have the knowledge, skills and expertise to develop and implement modern, efficient, and objective-oriented learning solutions for commercial and government entities.


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